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Welcome to the website of

Nigel Peace


author, I Ching consultant, artist and Reiki teacher.


I hope you like what you discover here and look forward to receiving your comments, contributions and queries.


About Me


I am the author of 51GN5 0F L1F3, a comedy novel of sabotage in the afterlife,

and of 5P1R1T R3V3L4T10N5, a description of prophetic dreams and synchronicities.

This book was second in The People's Book Prize national awards.


NEW! LIGHTING THE PATH ~ How to use and understand the I Ching does what it says on the cover!

A down-to-earth description of the various methods of consultation, how to phrase your question and understand the responses, with many real examples and a glossary of esoteric words.


Please read about my work on my Writing page, and get in touch if

you would like to order signed copies of a book.



PUBLISHING COMPANY, LOCAL LEGEND: www.local-legend.co.uk


If you would like further information about I Ching consultations, my art, or about Reiki treatment

 or training, or perhaps you would like to contribute your own experiences of

 dreams and synchronicity for possible future publication:


Contact me via email: peace@spiritrevelations.com or peace@local-legend.co.uk


Read my blog at www.spiritrevelations.com/blog/

You can also find information there about upcoming talks and workshops.


See me on YouTube! go to: www.peoplesbookprize.com, click on YOUTUBE VIDEO in the Menu on the left-hand side, then click on 56 videos and then click on See all 56 videos. Scroll through to the book Spirit Revelations.


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